New Website And News!

By Zenn Chaviers

New Website And News!

This is it. The beginning of everything. The first blog post on our new website!

Exemplar is kicking off!

After the release of our first song Altercation ( we're working on the release of our new song Fenix! We have several other songs off our first and new EP that we play live so if you want a peek at those before we release them come check us out at one of our shows. In the meantime we have video blarghs (blogs) to check out if you're into goofy and entertaining antics and content. 

The videos are easily available on our Facebook and Youtube

We have some shows to look forward to as well coming up! They will be announced in future posts. 

Again, as always thanks for your support we can't tell you how excited we are to have a good time with you! Get ready for some metal!