New Merch And Artist Collaboration With Mary Chapp!

By Nick LaSalle

New Merch And Artist Collaboration With Mary Chapp!

Alright! No more worries about getting flak about walking around naked from your annoying roommates with this new Exemplar Crow design t-shirt! Some people just cant handle the glorious nature of your amazing nips, but don't worry we've got you covered ;) 

The new merch is available here on our website, thanks for your support! Also your purchase supports us as well as the artist (Mary Chapp ) as we pay her royalties for her art as anyone should! She's great so thanks if you check her out. 

In other news we have new badass kick heads!

Don't mind the AC, it's not AZ or the south but it can still get pretty hot in CA.

Come check these babies out live some time. 

Having a good time as always, practicing every week at our studio( Day #567: I have come to realize our diet consists of a high percentile of Mexican food, mainly burritos, but the occasional taco or 10 slips in when we're feeling frisky. Every practice has also become a practice in burrito endurance/domination). 

New show in July on the 7th. New post about that soon. Stay tuned!