Show Announcement: Exemplar Opens For Angel Vivaldi!

By Nick LaSalle

Show Announcement: Exemplar Opens For Angel Vivaldi!

Hell yea! Angel Vivaldi and his melodic guitar shredding skills are coming back to Sonoma County!

The Melodic Decadence tour is making a stop at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma on Saturday July 7th at 7PM, and we are opening! Along with Autonomist ( and Sea In The Sky (, we ( Exemplar ) ( ) will be supporting Angel Vivaldi ) for a night of melodic guitar work and metal that you won't want to miss!

The show is a nice mix of melodic and metal so it will appeal to a wide audience i'm sure. Everything is main stage so that will make for an even bigger and better show. Last time Vivaldi came through it was huuuge, so if you go to a show in July this is worth checking out. 

As always for any show you can contact us for presales, as a bonus if you live locally in Sonoma County we can even drop by in person to do the exchange. It'd be great to meet you! For this show doors open at 6:30, show is at 7PM and that's most likely when we will go on so get there by 7 or our sweaty after hugs won't mean as much.

The phoenix is a pretty cool venue with lots of history and a convenient parking garage across the street. Presales from us are $15, $18 at the door. We'll have a merch booth available, the bathrooms aren't deadly, and they have cheap snacks and drinks available at the front. This should make for an amazing and decently large show, so if you're looking for some fun this is the event to go to this month. Everything is main stage, with lighting and production.

Can't wait to see you there!